December 2014

Top 8 Civil Liberties Moments of 2014

By Sarah Armstrong, Outreach Coordinator

Check out our top eight civil liberties moments in Oregon in 2014. Free speech, protection from unwarranted government snooping, ending the failed war on marijuana, marriage, and more. Wow, what a year! 

We are so thankful for your support. Here's to more great victories in 2015. Happy New Year, Oregon.

#8 - High School Student Stands Up for Free Speech in Scappoose

Long-time Scappoose High Dance Team member Marissa Harper and her mother were shocked to see a new policy that prohibited students and parents from any communication regarding any aspect of the dance team made “verbally or written via social media” or face punishment. As Oregonian reporter Helen Jung put it, "The first rule of Dance Team is you do not talk about Dance Team."

Marissa’s mother asked school officials to intervene, but when no changes were made she contacted us. Marissa made the tough choice to give up the dance team in order to stand up for free speech rights.