Litigation By Issue

City of Ashland's Watch List

June 22, 2006 - The American Civil Liberties Union, today, in a letter from the Southern Oregon Chapter of the ACLU of Oregon, told Ashland Mayor John Morrison and the City Council that it had “grave concerns about the Ashland Police Department’s development and uses of a ‘Watch List’ of 24 downtown persons regarded as ‘nuisances,’” and about the Department distributing the list to the Chamber of Commerce.


Powell v. Portland Public School

ACLU of Oregon Calls Boy Scout Decision ‘Shameful’

Sept. 8, 2006 - The court held that it is not illegal for discriminatory organizations to recruit students in public school settings during school hours as long as the organization sanitizes its message, removing any mention that not all students can join.


Burkett et al v. County of Jackson et al

September 2005 - Our settlement with Jackson County officials over a strip search of female inmates that occurred two years ago has now been finalized.


Li and Kennedy v. State of Oregon

2004 - The ACLU seeks to end Oregon's exclusion of gay and lesbian couples from marriage rights.


City of Nyssa v. Dufloth, State v. Ciancanelli

On November 4, 2003, the Oregon Supreme Court heard oral argument and took under advisement two free expression cases, State v. Ciancanelli, and City of Nyssa v. Dufloth. Both cases raise the most important free speech and expression issues that have arisen in Oregon in the last twenty years.


Judge Overturns Anti-Immigrant Measure

Measure 5-190 Exceeded Columbia County Jurisdiction and Violates Federal Law

UPDATE: July 2009 – The court entered the ACLU’s proposed summary judgment order and general judgment on May 28, 2009.

April 13, 2009, St. Helens - A Columbia County judge today overturned an anti-immigrant ballot measure approved last fall because it conflicts with federal immigration law and would have required the county to take enforcement actions beyond its authority.


Karuk Tribe v. Trimet

Judge Rules Against TriMet in Free Speech Case

TriMet's refusal to accept a bus ad involving salmon and dams violates constitutional free speech protections.

UPDATE: July 2009 – TriMet has appealed to the Oregon Court of Appeals. The parties have fully briefed the matter and are awaiting an oral argument date from the court.


Kerr v. Bradbury

January 2005 - The third time’s the charm. For the past three election cycles, beginning in 1998, the Oregon Citizens Alliance filed its so-called “Student Protection Act” initiative petition to proscribe how public schools must teach about homosexuality (only in negative or neutral terms, positive or supportive terms would be prohibited).


Ricochet River

January 2005 - ACLU of Oregon congratulates North Clackamas School Board for keeping author Robin Cody's coming-of-age novel, Ricochet River, in the curriculum.


Tillamook County Religious Displays

December 2005 -This past Christmas season we all heard the shrill “Merry Christmas” campaign of talk radio hosts and others around the country, including Oregon, who believe that too many people and businesses are afraid to say “Merry Christmas” and instead use alternative terms such as “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” because the big, bad ACLU will sue them otherwise.