Anti-Choice Measure Fails to Qualify for 2012 Ballot

July 6, 2012 - We are thrilled to announce that Initiative Petition 25 (IP 25), a dangerous anti-choice constitutional amendment has failed to qualify for the November ballot. Reporting only 70,000 signatures gathered over the last several months, proponents of the measure fell far short of the legally required 116,000 valid signatures. Today’s news shows that Oregonians are committed to women’s health and refuse to support laws that impose government interference on our personal private decisions.

Initiative Petition 25 (IP 25) would have amended the Oregon Constitution to prohibit access to medically necessary abortion coverage for low-income women. With no exception for the health of the woman, it would not only have denied many Oregon women access to the comprehensive health care they currently have, it would have denied services to women facing terrible health issues like cancer and severe fetal abnormalities.

Oregonians have spoken very clearly on the matter of women's health care again and again, and this was no exception. Every time an initiative that threatens our basic commitment to reproductive freedom and to protecting a woman's health has gone to a vote, it has been defeated. That this measure could not even rouse enough support to qualify for the ballot demonstrates that this commitment is still strong.

For more background on our work related to IP 25, see the lead story from our Spring Newsletter: “Reproductive Freedom Under Attack.”