Board of Directors

Leaders of ACLU of Oregon
The ACLU of Oregon has eight paid staff members who rely on the support of volunteers to protect our constitutional rights. Volunteers include more than 20 board members who represent our state-wide membership. Chapter board members, grassroots activists, attorneys, request counselors, public speakers, events, technical and staff assistants contribute countless volunteer hours toward ensuring our government protects us all.

Membership dues and donations to the ACLU of Oregon provide the economic basis needed to work on a variety of constitutional issues through our litigation, legislation and education programs.

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Executive Committee

Cary Jackson

Vice President, Policy
Erin Severe

Vice President, Litigation
Katherine McDowell

Vice President, Legislation
Joyce Cohen

Vice President, Education
Marianna Lindsay

Greg Hazarabedian

Cathy Travis


Jim Arneson
Marina Barcelo
Daniel Bartz
Merry Demarest
Jen Dugger
Stuart Kaplan
Heather Marek
Bill Patton
Nancy Ross
Bobbin Singh
Dan Winter

National Board Representative
Annabelle Jaramillo

Affiliate Affirmative Action Officer (not a voting member of the board)
Leila Wrathall