2012 Liberty Dinner Featuring Dan Savage

03/10/2012 - 7:00pm
Portland Hilton, 921 SW 6th Ave, Portland

2012 Liberty Dinner

We are grateful to all our sponsors and the 350 guests who attended our 2012 Liberty dinner and raised more than $100,000 for our legal and educational programs.  

Dan Savage spoke to the audience about the problem of teenage bullying of LGBTQ students and the high rate of suicide among this group. He shared how the It Gets Better video project addressed the problem. The project, which has gained immense popularity since its creation in September 2010, asks people to make and upload short positive videos about their experiences about the LGBT community. Millions have viewed the videos and participated so far, including President Barack Obama and members of the Portland Police Department. Dan Savage has the unique ability to bring humor to any issue and he kept the audience laughing.

“I believe sincerely that the ACLU does more to change the lives of LGBT kids
         than just about any other organization in this country.
                        I am proud to be here tonight!
                               I am proud to support the ACLU!” 
- Dan Savage

Charles Hinkle awarded his namesake Charles F. Hinkle Distinguished Service Award to Doris Ennis in recognition of her 38 years of volunteer service to the ACLU.

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The ACLU Foundation of Oregon Liberty Dinner was sponsored in part by: 

          Morel Ink                    

                                                            Lane Powell