Do It Yourself

While the ACLU of Oregon has several local groups around the state, if you live in a part of the state where we do not have a local chapter or action network you can still get active and help raise awareness of civil liberties issues. Here are some ways you can get people involved and educate your community.

Start a Book Club
A book club is a great way to spend time with friends and family while engaging your intellectual side.

Here’s a great guide to books on civil liberties issues – “Are There Any Good Books on Civil Liberties? A reader’s guide by Sam Walker”  This guide is designed to provide an introduction to the best books on civil liberties issues. For each issue, it begins by identifying a “best first book.” The guide also includes a short discussion of how the book approaches the issue.

Host a House Party

An ACLU House Party is a great way to help the ACLU reach out to a new group of people and to educate your social network about the issues that are important to you. Your house party can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Please review our “How To” document if you are interested in planning a social gathering to benefit the ACLU or Oregon.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact

Plan a Movie Night

Plan a regular Movie Night with a group of friends. This is a casual fun way to engage your friends and get them thinking about civil liberties and civil rights. Select a movie from our list of “Movies with ACLU Themes”, offer to host the movie night at your house, and have each friend bring a snack or beverage to share.

Contact the ACLU of Oregon at if you need help identifying “Action Steps” for your guests at any of these events.

Have you engaged your community in some other way? Please let us know by emailing