The ACLU of Oregon often takes positions on state, city, and county proposals that would have an impact on civil liberties and civil rights. The ACLU is strictly non-partisan; we never support or oppose candidates for elective office.


Protect Internet Privacy in Oregon

May 11, 2017 - Legislation recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump rolls back consumer privacy protections and allows internet service providers to sell our sensitive browsing history without consumer consent. But we have a chance to correct this mistake for Oregonians.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Oregon legislators to protect internet privacy in our state.

The information that internet service providers (ISPs) collect -- the websites we visit, how long we stay there, location information, time of day -- can reveal intimate details about our lives including our religious practices, our medical issues, and our sexual preferences. This information should not be used, shared, or sold without our express permission. 


Support the Oregon Reproductive Health Equity Act - HB 3391

repro health equity now banner with people

Oregonians have beaten every attempt to introduce legal barriers to abortion in our state, but there is more work to do to ensure that everyone has meaningful access to the full range reproductive health care they need to thrive.

The Reproductive Health Equity Act, HB 3391, establishes the right to safe and legal abortion in Oregon law and removes barriers to reproductive health services by eliminating out-of-pocket costs, filling gaps in reproductive health coverage for those categorically excluded from health programs due to citizenship status, and by prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity.

Oregon has a chance to take a huge leap forward, but we need your help.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your legislators that you support HB 3391 – Oregon’s Reproductive Health Equity Act.

Everyone, regardless of income, citizenship status, gender identity, or type of insurance they carry, needs affordable access to the full range of reproductive health care including safe and legal abortion, birth control, postpartum care, and care for treatable problems like an STD or a lump in their breast. 


ACLU of Oregon 2017 Legislative Priorities

The 2017 session of the Oregon State Legislature is well underway and the ACLU of Oregon is hard at work on your behalf.


ACLU of Oregon Supports Eugene's Ordinance for Protection of Individuals

A version of this testimony was delivered to the Eugene City Council by Bonnie Souza. Written testimony was also submitted.

March 13, 2017 - Over the years, the city of Eugene has made it clear through multiple resolutions related to human rights, and in support of refugees and immigrants, that it strives to be a welcoming and inclusive city.

The proposed ordinance aligns with those values and takes a concrete step to ensure that city resources are not used in ways contrary to those values. The ordinance is an important legal tool to ensure protections for people who live, work, or visit Eugene and who are, or may be perceived to be, immigrants.


Defelonize Drug Possession - HB 2355

The War on Drugs has failed. We have a chance right now to take a smarter approach in Oregon, by passing HB 2355, to defelonize small-scale drug possession. 


ACLU of Oregon Applauds Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order

February 2, 2017 — The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon fully supports the executive order issued by Governor Kate Brown today and applauds the governor for safeguarding Oregon values.

David Rogers, ACLU of Oregon’s executive director, said:

“Governor Brown’s executive order is a meaningful action that reaffirms our state agencies and employees will uphold Oregon’s values of nondiscrimination and inclusiveness. These shared values are an integral part of making Oregon a vibrant and flourishing state that strives to treat all people with respect and dignity.