The ACLU proposed SB 266, which would have provided consumer privacy protections if Oregon implements toll collection for roadways. We believe it is important that prior to use of toll collection in Oregon sufficient privacy protections for consumers be put in place. These protections include allowing a person to travel on a toll road anonymously (allowing for some means of cash payment), restricting the use of any personal information collected for any other purpose other than toll collection and requiring the government to provide sufficient information to consumers about their privacy protection options and rights.

Before session, we worked extensively with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to address its concerns about this bill and we had amendments drafted after SB 266 was introduced. However, we ran into the controversial issues surrounding the Columbia River Crossing (CRC). Because SB 266 had the possibility of being used as a vehicle to add language related to the CRC, but unrelated to our tolling issue, the Senate Business, Transportation & Economic Development Committee decided not to hear SB 266. However, members of that Committee expressed support for our concept and we believe if Oregon were to ever move forward with the use of toll collections, language from SB 266 (including the agreed upon amendments with ODOT) would be part of any legislative proposal.