Senate Bill 608 would prohibit no-cause evictions of tenants in Oregon after 12 months of occupancy. SB 608 is an important bill to prevent housing discrimination, promote equity in housing, and protect renters' rights to individually and collectively advocate for better living conditions. 

"No-cause" or "no-fault" evictions hide housing discrimination because landlords are not required to provide justifiication when ending a tenancy. This means that, despite Oregon having anti-discrimination laws pertaining to housing, tenants are often unable to provide verifiable evidence of discrimination when it occurs. By creating a reasonable, just-cause evictiction standard and prescribing transparency, SB 608 will give tenants the opportunity to understand why an eviction is occuring, along with a mechanism for accountability against discriminatory evictions. 


Chief Sponsors: Senators Burdick, Monnes Anderson, Courtney, and Fagan; Representative Kotek. Regular Sponsors: Senators Manning Jr and Riley; Representatives Gorsek, Keny-Guyer, Mitchell, Nosse, Piluso, and Power


Signed by governor



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