We support SB 495, which prohibits the use of police dogs to extract incarcerated people from their cells.

The use of a fierce animal to control an imprisoned person is inherently degrading, and there is a common understanding among the majority of corrections professionals that use of dogs for cell extractions is neither necessary nor appropriate since there are always better and equally effective alternatives. 

Using dogs for cell extractions also results in unnecesary injury to incarcerated people, tends to escalate situations that would be better managed through the use of de-escalation techniques, and can deeply traumatic for people who are being subjected to canine cell extraction, other incarcerated people in the area, and corrections officers. 




Chief Sponsors: Senator Gelser, Representative Williamson. Regular Sponsors: Senators Burdick, Frederick, Golden, Manning Jr, Riley, and Steiner Hayward; Representative Bynum


Signed by governor



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