We support HB 2750, the Trauma Informed Practices Act, which will provide law enforcement agencies throughout Oregon with the tools necessary to effectively and responsibly interact with victims suffering from trauma. 

Victims are often reluctant to engage in the system because they believe that it is complicated, lengthy, and trauma-inducing. Police involvement can also trigger collatoral consequences -- loss of housing, employment, or welfare benefits, among others -- that make victims think twice about reaching out for help.  

Trauma sensitivity or trauma informed trainings can help officers identify individuals showing signs of trauma related behaviors, which may include: aggression; difficulty processing information; impulsiveness; heightened fight, flight, or freeze response; and hypersensitivity to noise or physical contact. According to law enforcement experts, training can help law enforcement avoid interpreting such behaviors as requiring more aggression or use of force and, instead, guide officers to respond in a more informed and appropriate manner


Introduced at the request of Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, Oregon State Sheriffs' Association


Lost: bill did not pass



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