We have a long history of supporting and defending the LGBTQ community, and we believe House Bill 2589 is an important bill to ensure that the language in Oregon law reflects our values and upholds the dignity of transgender Oregonians.

HB 2589 removes outdated and offensive language (see our testimony below) while clarififying the fact that a person's sexual orientation and/or their gender identity are not a physical or mental disability. Changing this language makes clear that the sexual orientation and gender identity are, themselves, inherent identites, separate and apart form a person's diagnosed medical or mental health conditions. 



Chief Sponsors: Representatives Power and Nosse; Senator Taylor. Regular Sponsors: Representatives Alonso Leon, Fahey, Lively, Marsh, McKeown, Neron, Prusak, Sanchez, Smith Warner, Sollman, Wilde, Williams, & Williamson; Senators Burdick, Manning Jr and


Signed by governor



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