Join Team ACLU

We’re always inspired by our supporters, their passion and their creativity. Whether you have a birthday coming up, a road race you’ve been training for, or another special event in your life, you can use Team ACLU to rally your network around your big day while raising funds and awareness for the civil rights issues you’re passionate about. Every campaign helps to create a more perfect union. Hosting a house party is a fun and effective way to increase giving.
Ten steps to plan a sucessful ACLU house party:
1. Get in contact with ACLU of Oregon Development team ( 
Due to limited resources, we can’t plan your event for you but we can provide printed materials describing ACLU’s work.
2. Decide whether to host the party alone or with co-host with friends.
A host committee allows you to combine efforts, leverage each hosts’ network of connections, and create a larger guest list.
3. Make a plan for success.
Think at least two months out. What’s the date and location of your party? What are your goals, education or fundraising? In what issues are you and your guests most interested?
4. Work with an ACLU of Oregon development staff member on the program.
Parties usually include time for socializing, a welcome from the host(s), an update on ACLU work about ACLU issues, and time for Q&A. Where time permits, the ACLU can provide a representative to share information about local and national work.
5. Build your invitation list. 
Try to think outside of the box. Outside of your friends and family, who else might share your passion about protecting freedoms? Who might not know about the ACLU that you should invite?
6. Take your campaign online at
Make fundraising easy and use this DIY ACLU Fundraising Platform for your event and message. Guests and invited parties can make gifts through this secure method rather than bringing checks and credit cards.
7. Send invitations.
Are your invitees more likely to respond to an invitation in the mail? An email invite? A Facebook event? Send at least one month out. Make sure the invite includes a link.
8. Have a party!
Open the door and have a great time! The ACLU can provide you with donation envelopes and other printed materials.
9. Send thank yous to guests.
Thank your guests in abundance. Phone call and handwritten thank yous can go a long way. It’d be great if you post pictures in addition to tagging your guests AND the ACLU of Oregon in a thank you post.
10. Complete the online event evaluation form via link sent by ACLU staff.
We want to know how it went and if there are any lessons learned. This way we can improve future outreach and fundraising events to better fund the resistance.