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  1. Police Accountability Advocates Call for Portland Police Bureau Protest Policy Changes

    March 22, 2017News updatePolice Practices, Free Speech
  2. Portland's Protest Problem

    January 25, 2017News updateFree Speech, Police Practices
  3. The "48 hour rule" in Portland

    August 9, 2017LegislationPolice Practices
  4. Romine-Mann v. Portland

    March 8, 2018CasePolice Practices, Free Speech
  5. Record Law Enforcement Interviews with Oregon's Youth - HB 3261 (2019)

    March 28, 2019LegislationPolice Practices
  6. Require Law Enforcement Agencies to Establish Mental Health Policy - SB 424 (2019)

    May 10, 2019LegislationPolice Practices
  7. Provide Law Enforcement with the Tools to Effectively and Responsibly Interact with Victims Suffering From Trauma - HB 2750 (2019)

    March 5, 2019LegislationPolice Practices
  8. Información sobre las redadas de ICE en Oregon

    March 2, 2017News updateImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices
  9. Qué hacer si está involucrado en una redada de casa

    February 18, 2017Know Your RightsImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices
  10. Your rights when stopped by police in Oregon

    February 15, 2017Know Your RightsPolice Practices, Criminal Justice