On February 20, 2017, while gathered in front of the Edith Wyatt Federal Building for the Not My Presidents Day protest, Charles Stubbs, Tristan Romine-Mann, and Margaret "Peggy" Zebrowski were each subjected to excessive use of force by the police.
Officers used excessive force on Charles. Riot officer tackled charles and then dragged him into the street, where they placed him face down and handcuffed him, causing injury. Police then pulled Charles to his feet and arrested him. As officers took him to the police van, he encountered residual pepper spray that began to trigger an asthma attack. While he was sitting in the van waiting to be transported, Charles requested an inhaler, but officers ignored the request.
Charles is suing the city for $10,000 and costs.


Steven Wilker, Edwin Perry

Pro Bono Law Firm(s)

Tonkon Torp


Multnomah County Circuit Court



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