David RogersApril 28, 2015 - We are thrilled to introduce David Rogers who will take the helm of the ACLU of Oregon on June 1, 2015. David has more than 25 years of social justice organizing, advocacy, and organizational development experience, and the last 15 years have been rooted in Oregon.

As the former Executive Director of Partnership for Safety and Justice (PSJ), he spent nearly a decade leading groundbreaking work in the areas of criminal justice and public safety. This past year he consulted with national foundations to identify promising approaches to dismantle the policies and impacts of mass incarceration and criminalization.

David is a person of vision, a proven advocate, and a well-respected leader. He has extensive relationships with Oregon advocacy organizations rooted in communities of color and groups working around gender justice, immigration, economic and environmental justice, and civic engagement.

David developed those relationships as director of PSJ, as a field organizer at Western States Center, and as the founding board chair of Oregon Voice, a network designed to strengthen the collective political impact of community and advocacy organizations who serve traditionally underrepresented communities.

He is drawn to the ACLU of Oregon because of our solid track record and reputation working in alliance with a wide range of organizations around the state. He values our integrated approach – strategically using the full set of advocacy tools available to wield political influence. David understands that no single strategy is sufficient to create the kinds of transformative and sustainable change that is needed. His proven track record in grassroots leadership development, organizing, public education and communications, and legislative advocacy provide him the depth and breadth to be an effective leader and help maximize our effectiveness.

He has tremendous respect for his predecessor, Dave Fidanque, whose leadership over the past two decades pushed boundaries and won critical victories on a range of social justice and civil rights issues.

We are indebted to the astute leaders, volunteers and supporters who built and sustained the ACLU of Oregon over 60 years. We look forward to David Roger’s unique experiences and successes to lead us into the future. 

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