This brief statement was first posted to our social media accounts:

We are saddened and disgusted by the violence and senseless killing in Charlottesville today.

We condemn violence. We unequivocally reject white supremacy in all its forms and commit to actively fight against it in our work everyday.

We understand the urge to condemn the ACLU for standing up for the First Amendment rights of people whose opinions and views we simultaneously condemn. We defend the rights of all people, even those we don't agree with because we know that in order for the Constitution to work, it must work for everyone.

But let's be real. The Constitution isn't working for everyone. We know that. That's why we must organize and fight against white supremacy.

Tonight we take to the streets in solidarity with Charlottesville. ACLU of Oregon legal observers are out in Portland. Come out and raise your voice. Take a stand against hate.