The ACLU of Oregon continues to review the use of Tasers by police officers throughout the state.


"While Tasers can serve an important role in preventing death and serious injury to both civilians and police, their continued use as tools of convenience to subdue unarmed, nonviolent subjects is an abuse of police power that must be stopped."  Read the November 13, 2009 Register Guard Op-Ed, "Widespread Taser use puts public's trust in police as risk," written by ACLU of Oregon's Executive Director and Southern Oregon District Organizer.

October 2009 -- The Southern Oregon Chapter Board offered a panel discussion on police use of Tasers in Oregon on Sunday, October 25th. Panelists included Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness, Executive Director of ACLU of Oregon David Fidanque, and Southern Oregon Chapter Board Chair Derek Volkart. Covered by the local ABC affiliate, watch their news story here.